? Get the gift you really wanted

I hope Santa spoiled you this year, with extra special goodness under the tree–you deserve it. You give so much to everyone else.

That being said, isn’t it time you got what you truly want?

You want 2019 to be your year.

2019 is less than 5 days away.

How different would you feel RIGHT NOW knowing you were starting 2019 off right, by creating a brilliant plan for making it your Best Year Ever?

Could you smile with your whole face again…and really mean it?

Would the “How am I going to get through another year on this journey” anxiety-knot in your stomach finally go away?

Could you exhale knowing you aren’t going to keep repeating the same old heartbreaking patterns, that left you in fear and doubt for all/if not most of 2018?

Here’s what you MUST know: Women who succeed on this journey, not only have the mindset for it, they have a PLAN.

Living this journey without a plan for HOW you will approach it day-to-day, leaves you unnecessarily vulnerable to fear, negativity, low-vibe-penny-pinching choices made from lack, and letting statistics dictate your future.

When I made the choice to set myself up for success on this journey, I did what smart women do: I got a mentor and transformed what I believed was possible for me.

Doing so didn’t just make me feel amazing, it made my success inevitable.

I help my clients do the same.

Make 2019 YOUR year.

Join me for my:

Best Year Ever Planning Workshop

Saturday, January 12, 2019

9:00 AM California/ 12:00 PM New York/ 5:00 PM London

** <5 days left to take $400 off your enrollment using the promo code BYE2019. We are already over 50% SOLD OUT. If you want in, the time to act is NOW.**

This is your chance to create a solid, meaningful plan that can make all the difference in the world on your journey.

Learn More About Making 2019 Your Best Year Ever!

Let’s do this GORGEOUS!!!

Lots of love,



P.S. Use the promo code BYE2019 to take $400 off your enrollment (making it only $97!) <5 Days left to take advantage of this savings. We are already over 50% SOLD OUT.

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