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The Fearlessly Fertile Podcast is live! Please Subscribe!

OMG Love! I am soooo excited to share that the Fearlessly Fertile Podcast is live.

On my own journey, there were countless times I wished for a voice of reason, buzzing in my ear to help yank me out of the fear, doubt, negativity, and bullshit rabbit hole I so often found myself in.

Let ME be that for YOU!

I put my heart and soul into this podcast. Here’s what makes it special:¬†it will be a mix of super high vibe “quick hits,” as well as longer form “XL” episodes with special guests, and get-you-fired-up stories of amazing women who beat the odds.

Amazing, right??

I’d love your support to make this podcast a success! Here’s¬†how¬†to do that:

  1. Subscribe to my Fearlessly Fertile Podcast here.
  2. Listen to an episode and leave an awesome review (5-stars would be GREAT!)
  3. Reply¬†to this email, letting the team know you’ve done it!

As a big THANK YOU for taking those 3 steps, you will receive our HELL YES Confidence Boost Kit as your gift! It includes:

  • One of my best loved confidence boosting audios, AND
  • A beautiful wallpaper for your phone to keep you focused on the FACT that your baby is coming!¬†(This is truly unique!)

You can listen on Stitcher and Spotify as well.

Here’s to adding a big dose of fearlessness to your fertility journey love!

Change your mindset, change your results.

Lots of love,