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During the 7+ years of my fertility journey, there were countless nights I would wake up in a cold sweat, worrying I was somehow sabotaging my chances of getting pregnant.

Can you relate to that feeling? It sucks.

I craved the peace of knowing I was covering ALL of my bases.

I wanted to look back on my journey with no regret.

That’s why I did all of the crazy shit I I’ve told you about–boiling black chickens, endless supplements, a psycho-clean diet, getting hugs from healers, and steam bathing my vagina with special “tea,” in addition to my myriad medical treatments.

As the high achieving, lovably control-freaky, Left-Brained, list maker I know you are, I am willing to bet you’ve got the “body” part of this journey HANDLED…like Olivia Pope!

Because I love you, I’ve gotta ask, “What about your mind?”

This piece of the puzzle often gets neglected…until things get really bad.

If you want the confidence (and certainty) that comes from knowing you are really doing everything you can to get pregnant, you can’t afford to neglect your mind.

When you bring the power of your MIND and BODY together, incredible things are possible.Over 80 respected medical schools in the United States have included the subject of mindset in their curriculum. Mindset elevates medicine.

I know you’ve probably told yourself you’d look into this “mindset thing,” but don’t know where to start, or get busy and procrastinate. Understandable! AND, you can fix it.

If you are serious about doing everything in your power to be a Mom, and want help with mindset, I’ve got your back.

None of this has to be scary or hard. Even better? It works.

I can teach you in 2 Days, what it took me YEARS of trial and error to figure out.

This is exactly why I created the Fearlessly Fertile Breakthrough Retreat.

Instead of being frustrated and disappointed by the SLOW AF D.I.Y. route, you can walk away from this retreat with tools, strategies, and a personalized DAILY plan, that has helped my clients from around the world make their Mama Dreams come true.

Join women, coming from as far as the United Kingdom, in leaving no stone unturned on their fertility journey. Let’s do what you’ve always said you would do…TOGETHER.

*Submit your application for one of the LAST spots*

This retreat will SELL OUT.

Let’s have some fun, bringing the pieces of the puzzle together!

Lots of love,