?Trying to get pregnant like a man?

Love, in this week’s special XL episode of The Fearlessly Fertile Podcast, I am taking on a subject that doesn’t get much play on this journey…at least not how I teach it.

…Are you trying to get pregnant like a man???

When fear, negativity, and doubt get the best of us, we can easily slip into an intensely masculine cycle of pushing, forcing, and fighting our way to our baby.

For those of us who are lovably Type A, control-freaky, list-making, go-getters, this tendency is even more pronounced.

Does it make any sense to approach the most intensely feminine thing you can possibly do in a MASCULINE way? Fuck. No.

This subject is so important that I had a conversation with my dear friend Rachel Burch, The Transformation Maven, about it. Rachel is also a former attorney AND Miracle Mom.

Join us as we rap a taste about the undeniable Feminine Super Power you can unleash on your journey! Don’t worry, this isn’t about ridiculous gender stereotypes–it IS about learning to marshal the best parts of YOU!

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Since last week’s episode, we’ve gotten 2 MORE MIRACLE BABY ANNOUNCEMENTS! (That’s 5 in the past 30 days!)

Success leaves clues love and I am pumped about sharing the lessons that can help you get there too!

Change your mindset, change your results.

Lots of love,



Intrigued? Here’s an exercise to take this to the next level…

Are you trying to get pregnant like a man?

I get that this question might get under your skin. If it does, good!

As a recovering Type A, control freak, who lived 100% in her masculine energy, I can tell you that going about the business of trying to conceive like a man is as ridiculous as it sounds.

Listen to the podcast in it’s entirety. Take the lessons that Rachel and I share.

DECIDE to take one action this week to allow more of your feminine power to shine through. I’m telling you precious one…it’s a game changer. Is it time you had my help with this? SEE BELOW!

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