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Love, I could not resist sharing this crazy picture of Asher–he LOVES bacon, just like his Mama.

I’m not sharing this picture¬†just¬†because it’s hilarious–I’m sharing it, because there were so many¬†years¬†my Saboteurs (AKA limiting beliefs) told me I’d never have moments like this…Delicious bacon-y moments with my boy!

When I started my fertility journey, I was determined.

As the years, “failures,” disappointments, and pain dragged on I became, at times,¬†desperate.

Desperate is something I never thought I’d¬†EVER¬†be. E-V-E-R.

There’s a powerful distinction that separates determined from desperate.

One will make your success certain.

The other is a heartbreaking set up for REGRET.

In this week’s¬†10¬†Minute¬†episode of¬†The¬†Fearlessly Fertile Podcast, I will make that distinction and vehemently argue why you don’t belong anywhere near¬†desperate.

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This may be the loving, but firm kick in the pants you need with less than 51 days remaining in 2019. (YIKES)

Change your mindset, change your results.

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