EP123 Meditation: Through This Body, There Are Miracles

Want a massive boost to your belief in your precious, amazing, FERTILE body? Well, tune into this tidbit of ear candy that may be hitting your tympanic membrane at just the right time. Trust yourself, trust your baby, trust your body! Music by Enlightened Audio.

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It’s time to get fearless baby, fearlessly fertile. Let’s do this. Welcome to the Fearlessly Fertile Podcast, Episode 123. Through this body, there are miracles. Hey, my loves. I’m so excited to be here with you this week because I have something really, really just so amazing that I wanted to share with you.

I know, sisters, I’ve been coming at you hard for the past couple weeks. So, I want to give you something so sweet and delicious that you can just, just gobble up. And, you know, one of the first things when I was thinking about that, I’m like, how could I just love on these ladies this week? I’ve been challenging you, I’ve been pushing you, I’ve been, you know, really presenting you with a lot of hard questions, which is so good because that’s what smart women do.

We ask smart questions, we stay away from bullshit like why me, when is it gonna be me, all kinds of that just completely destructive, self pitying bullshit. And one of the things that we can really get down on while we live this journey is our relationship with our body. We kind of take it for granted.

We just figure that this meat suit we’re wearing is going to produce whatever it is that we want it to produce when we, when we want it to produce. Right. And as you well know, if you’re listening to this podcast, you know that that isn’t so simple. And actually we have a huge responsibility to love and cherish and be really in connection, deep feminine connection with this beautiful gift of a body that we have.

We are all spiritual beings. But we are having a physical experience in this body, this machine that is just an absolute perfection of divine intelligence. But when it’s not doing what we want it to do, it can be like, shit, what’s wrong with me? My ovaries, my uterus, they’re all betraying me, bitches. You know, like we can really turn on ourselves and that’s a really bad place to be if you’re trying to have a baby.

You’ve got to treat your body as the precious gift that it is. And if you have like this love hate relationship with your body, it’s not going to be surprising if you aren’t getting the results you really want. So the gift that I have for you this week. Is a really heartfelt meditation that we’re going to be doing together because the reality is I don’t care how many times you have failed in the past.

I don’t care what anyone has said or any bullshit saboteur that you have going on in the background. This body that you are inhabiting right now is going to be the vessel for your baby and you taking care of yourself, you honoring and loving yourself. Is so critical. I’m going to answer one of like, because I know there’s a saboteur lurking in the background that, Oh my god, what if, what if this shit hits a fan and somebody else has to carry my baby or blah, blah, blah.

It still requires you to love your body. You still have to have this faith in yourself. I know that the goal is for you to carry your own baby, but it ultimately, you’re, you’re open to having your baby, right? If you have a gift that it may come from another place, like fucking rock that out. So I’m just speaking to the saboteurs that I know we’re going to pop up because you’re going to be like, Oh my God, what if I put all my chips on me and something’s different?

Well, fine. You still need to love yourself. You still need to love inhabiting this gorgeous body because who wants a mama that hates themselves? Right when you are faced with the challenge of having a baby when your fertility is what you are challenged with in this life You gotta show up your energy. I don’t care how you go about conceiving your baby Your energy has to match that child that you are calling in.

Okay, you don’t get to be in the backseat You don’t get To just hope that shit goes right. You want to put all of your chips on you, whether you are carrying your baby or someone else, or you have the beautiful, amazing gift of somebody helping support you through eggs or carrying your baby or whatever it is.

Okay. You can’t win on this journey without you. So no matter what your saboteurs may be saying, just be in this, be open. And this is a truly incredible time. To celebrate this gift of not only being alive, but having this amazing body, whatever quote unquote flaws we may have, you know, or what other people may try to point out, that’s all bullshit.

We are all amazing. We are all capable. We are all beautiful. We all have something to contribute. And. As we get started, here is your common sense reminder. Do not listen to this podcast if you’re driving, operating heavy machinery or rollerblading over banana peels. OK, use your common sense here, ladies. I know how exciting it can be to be doing a really powerful meditation.

But wait until you are in a safe place or doing something that does not, you know, is not hindered in any way by your divided attention. So let’s do this. So let’s take three really deep breaths together. Breathe in.

Breathe out.

And with each breath, let go of the crazy of the day. There’s nowhere else you have to be. There’s nowhere else you have to go. We have this moment together.

And as we take this third deep breath together, as you breathe in, I want you to think to yourself, my heart is open.

I am open to receive

and let it out.

My love, you are made in the image of the divine. As we spend this time together, our trillions of little actions happening inside of your body. Your body is whole. Your body is intelligent. And frankly, what it brings to this life is miraculous.

Take a moment to notice what it feels like to be in this body.

Maybe you feel the warmth of the room, the coolness of the room.

Maybe you feel yourself in your chair, or lying down on your bed.

This body that you’re in is a miracle. Just like you were someone’s miracle. You were someone’s dream.

The love that there is out there for you is immeasurable.

So now let’s bring some of that into the love that you have for your body.

Let any fear, any concern, any anxiety, any past failures drift away.

We are in the realm of your miraculous body.

And I want you to imagine a beautiful pink light

forming all around you.

So soft, so feminine, so blessed.

Feel your spirit begin to lift.

Think of all the women that came before you. All of their hopes, all of their dreams, those are inside of you.

And they all culminate in this beautiful body.

And I want you to imagine that an even brighter pink halo whose light shines so bright has formed over the top of your head.

And I want you to imagine that halo beginning to slowly descend over the top of your head. As you listen to the words that I am going to speak, feel free to repeat them after me and see that beautiful pink halo starting to descend over the top of your head.

Through this mind, there are miracles.

So now descend over your eyes. Through these eyes, I see miracles.

Feel that halo slip down over the top of your nose. Through this nose, I smell the sweetness of miracles.

And allow that halo to slip down over your lips.

Through these lips, from this mouth, I speak miracles.

Feel that beautiful pink halo. descend down over your throat. From this throat comes the song of miracles.

Feel that halo wrap gently around your shoulders and come down over your heart.

From this heart comes miracles

and feel that halo moving down over your chest.

From these beautiful breasts, miracles are fed

and let that halo move down over your abdomen and stop over your uterus and ovaries and see it shine just a little bit brighter

from these ovaries come miracles. From this uterus comes miracles.

And feel that beautiful pink halo move over, down over your legs.

My legs are the foundation upon which I stand miracles.

And as that halo moves down over your legs and slowly encircles your feet,

think to yourself,

through these feet, I make my way to miracles.

And in your mind, repeat after me. Through this body, there are miracles.

Through this skin, there are miracles.

Through my soul, there are miracles.

I trust my body. I trust myself. I trust this baby.

Through this body, this body. There are miracles

through this body. There are miracles

through this body will come immeasurable gifts.

I am grateful for this body. I celebrate this body.

I love this body

through this body. There are miracles and

take this in one more time.

Through this body, there are miracles.

Trust yourself. Trust this body. Trust this baby.

Through your body, there are miracles.

And as we bring this to a close, I want you to feel a deep sense of gratitude, a sense of reverence, even if it’s just for the fact that you woke up in this body this morning. Cause sister, that ain’t guaranteed.

And take a deep breath in,

letting it out, knowing that today is a new day. A new level of appreciation for this body, for how far it has brought you, and for what is to come. Because through this body, there are miracles.

And as you slowly open your eyes, make the decision that from this body, there are miracles.

And as you take this meditation in my loves, I strongly encourage you to do this once a day for the next seven days. Make the decision that your relationship with your body is going to be different. Let it be one of loving cooperation instead of that of frenemies. This is the body you came into the world with, mama.

It’s time to get on great terms with her. You need her to get where you want to go. And loves. If you know that you want this to be your new normal, if you really want to be able to do these things for yourself, really onboard this thought process. Know exactly how to respond when you’re beginning to doubt your body, when you’re slipping into cray.

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