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Betty always knew she wanted to be a Mom, as she says, “Always, always, always.” But when she and her husband started trying, she had to face one of her biggest fears. Learn HOW Betty went from a scary diagnosis, distrusting her body, challenges to her marriage, and worrying if her dream would ever come true, to a healthy, happy pregnancy that came as a result of listening to her HEART. Betty is living proof that what is coming for you is 10,000 times better than you can imagine…even if it comes in a way you hadn’t anticipated!

00:00:07 – Podcast Intro
00:00:45 – Episode Intro
00:03:33 – The Story of Betty’s Fertility Journey
00:04:41 – When Betty’s fears started coming true
00:05:51 – The battle within
00:06:45 – When cool isn’t very cool
00:07:40 – How faith played a role in Betty’s fertility journey
00:10:50 – The grip of self-blame
00:12:13 – Teardrop moment
00:14:01 – The power of visualization
00:16:39 – Mindset transformation
00:19:47 – Betty’s IVF Journey
00:26:53 – Betty’s advice for anyone going through their fertility journey
00:30:19 – Want to have peace? Try surrender
00:33:15 – Should you keep your fertility journey a secret?
00:36:48 – Interview recap
00:38:17 – Want to be like Betty? Join Rosanne’s program! (