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In a culture of fast food, quick grocery delivery, and a penchant for instant gratification, it seems like everyone is looking for rapid relief on this journey. Let’s rap a taste about mindset TRUTHS, what it really takes to succeed on this journey, and why making FEARLESS your new way of life will make all the difference in the world.

0:00.000 Podcast intro
2:06.792 Want some good karma to come your way? Here’s what you got to do
3:28.338 The funny question
3:42.976 Every Damn Day!
4:48.387 Life’s realities
5:19.379 Your daily choices are what makes you who you are
6:03.371 Mindset commitment, why it’s so important
8:48.531 How bad do you want it?
10:02.209 The positive result is just the beginning
10:49.058 Enjoy the journey of your pregnancy
11:24.372 Let’s take it to the next level
11:59.848 Here’s your mantra for the next 7 days
12:28.079 Know someone who may benefit from this? Share the link to your social media platforms
12:57.243 Be the next success story