EP242 From Endo, Low AMH and A Less Than 1 Percent Chance To Pregnant Naturally: Pauline’s Story

A “geriatric” medical professional with her endometriosis in full swing and low AMH, Pauline was told that she had at best a 1% chance of conceiving. She responded “poorly” to IVF with just 2 eggs retrieved–neither made it to blastocyst. That’s when Pauline and I met. You will hear that Pauline went from being a “poor responder,” to getting and staying pregnant naturally within MONTHS. Learn the gangster moves that this Miracle Mama made to call in her precious girl. If you need a strong shot of faith and more reasons to believe in yourself AND your body, you will LOVE what Pauline has to share. AND don’t miss her “golf-ball” story! Want the journal page that goes with this episode? CLICK HERE

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