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Do you ever feel like managing your expectations on this journey is a full time job?

One minute you allow yourself to get excited about next steps or promising results.

The next you tell yourself you shouldn’t get too excited in case you get disappointed?

Maybe you use expectations to beat yourself down:

  • “It HAS TO HAPPEN this time, or it will never happen!”
  • “I shouldn’t need any help managing what I’m going through.”
  • “I shouldn’t be struggling with fertility.”
  • “I’m getting treatment and eating right…that should be enough.”
  • “So and so got pregnant the first time with IVF, so should I.”
  • “My life will irretrievably suck if my baby doesn’t come to me exactly as I planned.”
  • “I’ve already spent X amount of dollars. I shouldn’t have to spend more.”
  • “I shouldn’t have to tell people what I need right now–they should know!”
  • “I better not have any complications. I’ve been through enough already.”

Recognize some of these?

Sometimes the expectations we set for ourselves, our partners, the people around us, and our bodies are downright ruthless and frankly, ridiculous.

Smart women take the time to evaluate their expectations–are they setting them up for success, failure, or worse…stagnation?

Here’s a litmus test I like to use:

Is my particular expectation based on fear or faith?

Fear based expectations will put you on silly “do-or-die” deadlines, make you “penny wise and pound foolish” (with cheap-ass choices that cost you more in the end,) keep you hiding your true needs from everyone around you, and set you up for FAILURE by convincing you of a lot of crazy shit.

Faith on the other hand is that warm fuzzy goodness that makes you feel glowy, confident, and CERTAIN of your miracle--this can be faith in yourself, your body, a higher power, your partner, your family, and well, you get the picture. Expectations based on faith are like a beacon of light guiding your baby home.

Open the kimono and take an honest, no holds barred look at your expectations.

Your gut will tell you immediately what’s up.

Be bold. Ask questions. Women who do make their dreams come true.

I love you enough to provoke you– the best coaches do.

Transform your mindset, manifest your miracle.

Lots of love,



Intrigued? Here’s how to take it to the next level…

Get hard core about honestly evaluating your expectations for yourself, your body, your partner, and everyone else.

Don’t cut corners–do this exercise in full. You will thank me for it.

  1. Write out the expectations you currently hold for yourself on your journey. BE HONEST. There’s no point in sugar coating a turd–if you know you are insanely hard on yourself, hold yourself accountable and write these buggers out. Awareness is the path to freedom.
  2. Look at each carefully. Is it based on fear or faith?
  3. Do the same exercise for the expectations you have for your body, your partner, and everyone else.
  4. Get to work on tuning the sucky-fear-based ones up! Want my help to transform them faster, more effectively, and with more ease than you could do on your own? Apply for a consultation here.

Transformation happens with your ACTION. Take even a small step TODAY!

Stretch yourself. Remember, it’s about progress, NOT perfection.

If this has made a difference in your day, leave a comment and tell me about it. xoxoxo