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Fertility Coach

Wondering if the support of a fertility coach is right for you? Struggling with the notion that hiring a fertility coach is woo-woo luxury or an extraneous expense?

Fertility Coach

Wondering if the support of a fertility coach is right for you? Struggling with the notion that hiring a fertility coach is woo-woo luxury or an extraneous expense?

With So Much At Stake, Smart Women Hire A Fertility Coach

You are in the right place Doll. Let’s start with some undeniable Fertility Fast Facts you must consider:

  • Studies around the world point to a shocking decline in fertility rates in the United States, United Kingdom, Western Europe, South Korea, Japan, and Australia[1].
  • An average of 1 in 8 couples in the United States is struggling with fertility[2].
  • IVF costs an average of over $22,000 per cycle[3] in the United States.
  • Despite the statistically higher success rate of IVF over IUI, or other interventions, it still takes an average of 2.7 rounds of IVF to achieve success.[4] This translates to an average investment in fertility treatment of approximately $59,400+—not including any additional specialized medications, testing, travel, other necessary procedures, previous treatments, or complimentary alternative medicine.

For most individuals and couples, this represents one of the largest investments outside of their home and education, they will ever make. Having a fertility coach, with the personal experience of undergoing treatment, can help you avoid rookie mistakes, tragic missteps, and fear-based choices that can end up costing you way more in the long run.

In fact, by comparison, the investment you make to bring a fertility coach onto your Bump Squad is a mere drop in the proverbial bucket.

But, a look at the numbers, dollars, and cents alone does not persuasively explain why smart women, who are wholeheartedly committed to fertility success—naturally or supported by treatment—hire a fertility coach.

Here’s The Piece Of The Puzzle Most People Miss:

Struggling with fertility isn’t just a physical challenge, it’s an emotional one.

We get so caught up in treatments, diets, lotions, potions, supplements, tracking our cycles with the precision of a lunar landing, freaking out over money, that we forget there is a woman living inside the body we are trying so hard to get pregnant!

The fertility journey isn’t just a huge investment of time and money — it requires an unquantifiable investment of precious emotional capital.


What we experience on this journey isn’t just your garden variety sadness or disappointment. It rocks us to the core of our confidence, self-esteem, and identity as women to “fail” at what most people consider a basic biological function. No matter how accomplished we may be professionally, this journey has the insidious ability to unearth our deepest, most harrowing insecurities. This stress is only amplified by the pervasive shame that shrouds this topic.

The importance of this point is further solidified by scientific and anecdotal evidence from around the world that demonstrates the undeniable role emotions and mindset play in healing, health, and fertility.[5]

This means that if you want to give yourself the best possible chances for fertility success, you must take a complete approach—that means showing up to this journey like a champ—mind and body.

Ask yourself: Does it make any sense to eat clean, get state of the art treatment, and jump through every fertility hoop you can, all the while sabotaging yourself with fear, negativity, doubt, and analysis paralysis?

Smart women don’t play games with their fertility future. They take care of themselves body and mind. This is why they hire a fertility coach.

Get The Strategic Advantage For Baby-Making Success:

The obvious question, becomes, “Can you really afford to show up to one of the most important financial, physical, emotional challenges of your life, without the support of a fertility coach?”

Having an expertly trained, nationally certified, fertility coach who has personally lived the journey, and has a global track record for success, gives you an undeniable strategic advantage.

With the support of your expert fertility coach, you can:

  • Learn to live your fertility journey with unshakable confidence,
  • Have the tools to silence the fear, negativity, what-ifs, and doubt that makes this journey so incredibly stressful,
  • Be supported to make informed choices, that see beyond statistics (so you can beat them), AND
  • Unleash the power within you to make your success not just possible, but INEVITABLE.


Fertility Coach


Change your mindset, become a Mom. Let’s chat about your journey & how my coaching programs can help.

Fertility Coach


Change your mindset, become a Mom. Let’s chat about your journey and how my coaching programs can help.

Time is a non-renewable resource—a fertility coach can help you achieve the success you crave faster, smarter, and with more ease than you ever could with the D.I.Y approach.

Showing up to your fertility journey mentally and physically prepared is the best way to protect one of the most important investments you will ever make.

The most successful people in the world turn to mentors for help to realize their dreams: Serena Williams, Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, Oprah, Ellen Degeneres, and countless others.  Your dream of being a Mom is just as important. It’s time to hire a fertility coach to help you make your dreams… your reality.