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Rosanne Austin

Fertility Journey Inspiration From One Of Our Own

I am absolutely beside myself…excited to be sharing this week’s podcast with you.

It is truly special, because it features one of you!

One of the blessings of working with women all over the world has been the opportunity to meet some incredibly fantastic women, who are taking a stand for themselves (and their lives) as they live their journey.

From the moment I met Daphne, I knew that you would be inspired by her infectious laugh, her down to Earth presence, and her steadfast commitment to loving her life NOW.

If you think this will be just one of those, “I had my baby and now I’m happy” tales, think again.

Daphne’s story is exactly what those of you who are overwhelmed, struggling, and doubting you will ever be happy need to hear.

TODAY, September 22nd, on The Love Your Journey Podcast, I am sharing a very special interview with Daphne, a joyous and inspiring member of the global From Maybe To Baby community. Her story is compelling, heart-warming, and bound to leave you in a place of hope!

We will be sharing:

  • The keys to resilience in the face of repeated disappointments,
  • Powerful lessons Daphne learned from driving herself to fertility journey “crazy-woman exhaustion,”
  • The terrifying diagnosis that changed the course of her journey (and her life) forever…for the better,
  • Exactly what she did to reclaim her life,
  • How this journey has led her to be the happiest she has ever been,
  • And so much more!

Tuning into the show is easy-peasey!  Just click on the audio player below and listen on demand.

Feel free to leave a comment below!

With Love + Respect,