Live your fertility journey with NO REGRET.

Spend 3 days with me. I will show you HOW.

Want better results? Live your journey fearlessly.


*Having the strategic advantage of your MIND and BODY finally working together to make your Mom dreams a reality--no more letting negativity and stress quietly sabotage your efforts.

*Making your fertility team's job easy, by bringing your very best self, body and MIND, to the table--YOU are the common denominator on this journey.

*Making critical decisions on your fertility journey with CERTAINTY--NOT fear, so you can quit second guessing and setting yourself up for agonizing regret.

*Being able to say, "I know MY baby is coming," and BELIEVE it, because you are no longer a hostage to fear, doubt, what-ifs, or BS about your age.

*Trusting your body more than ever before--regardless of past disappointments.

NOW, imagine learning HOW to do this, in the company of amazing, smart AF, fun, success-oriented, big hearted women just like you, surrounded in the luxury of the Shore Lodge in McCall, Idaho.

The most bulletproof insurance policy for becoming a Mom lies between your ears.

Become the woman for whom success is CERTAIN.

 Start living your fertility journey FEARLESSLY.

Are you ready?

Doubt this is possible for you? I get it.

My name is Rosanne Austin. When women want success on their fertility journey, they come to me.

I struggled with my fertility for YEARS while I was a State Prosecutor in California.

I was doing extreme-clean diets, taking countless supplements, going to acupuncture, trying every lotion, potion, and treatment that offered any shred of hope, and sparing no expense on state of the art medical interventions, BUT NOTHING WAS WORKING.

When I took an honest look at the way I was living my journey, I realized that while I was meticulously taking care of my body, I was utterly failing when it it came to my mindset.

Fear, stress, and negativity were taking over my life and straining my relationships. I could feel the impact on me physically--how could that craziness possibly be good for my fertility?

I realized that with so much at stake,  I couldn't afford to have my mind working AGAINST ME.

I tried the DIY approach with books, meditations, fertility message boards (yikes), and sometimes just suffering in silence (eek!)  But, nothing offered more than temporary relief. I kept failing, stressing, and hoping things would turn around. 

It wasn't until I raised my hand, asked for help, and transformed my mindset that everything about my life and journey changed...forever.

After years of struggle, I finally got pregnant. What was different? ME.

When I changed my thoughts and beliefs, I did what medicine alone couldn't do.

I got pregnant naturally at 43, despite years of fertility treatment FAILURE.

I began teaching women around the world what I did, so they could beat the odds too.

Women on 6 of 7 continents have used what I teach to make their Mom-dreams come true.

PCOS? Endometriosis? Low ovarian reserve? Fibroids? Poor egg quality? "Advanced" maternal age? Failure with donor eggs? Unexplained infertility? PREGNANT!

My clients make the seemingly "impossible," possible.

You don't have to waste years trying to figure this out like I did...why not do it in 3 days??

Without a mindset calibrated for success, if your period comes or treatments fail, fear, stress, doubt, and overwhelm can ruthlessly take over and put you back at SQUARE ONE.

This is where most women get stuck, but this doesn't have to be true for YOU.


Let me teach you HOW.

Change your mindset. Change your results.

Join Me For:

3 days of joy, sisterhood, and transformation.

When women unite in the spirit of HELL YES, anything is possible.

I created the Fearlessly Fertile Breakthrough Retreat with a single focus in mind: empower an intimate group of amazing women to unleash the strategic advantage of mindset on their journey--with gorgeous McCall, Idaho as our backdrop!

This retreat is about discovering HOW to live your fertility journey in a way that has proven to help women LIKE YOU make their Mom-dreams come true.

You will learn HOW to catapult yourself beyond just wishing and hoping for different results.

We will dive deep into aspects of your journey you'd never think to go and be oh-so-glad we did!

By the end of our 3-days together, you will have ACTIONABLE and CONCRETE tools and strategies you can implement immediately.

And...why not do it in the company of extraordinary women, who celebrate you, support you, and just might be new friends for life?

I have been through quite a journey and after IVF finally worked only to end in miscarriage I didn't know where to turn or what to do.  I searched the internet to find something to help me through this and by some miracle I found Rosanne Austin. After that I got an email about a "Breakthrough Retreat" given by Rosanne and I new I had to say yes to myself.  I wasn't sure how I would get there but I knew I needed to be there.  I knew when I stepped in that room I was in the right place at the right time.  The work we did and the sisterhood that formed with women I had never met was quite amazing.  I learned things about myself and my new sisters, but most of all I realized that I was seen and heard, and I wasn't the only one going through infertility.  If you think of all the reasons why you can't do it, think of the one reason you can and it's to give yourself the gift of yes.  So often on this journey we forget about ourselves but the retreat was life changing and a reminder that it is okay to have what you want, yes, all of it!  I promise you, you won't be disappointed!

- Aisha, Georgia

From the moment I entered the Fearlessly Fertile Retreat, I knew I was meant to be there and meet the phenomenal Rosanne in person! Putting myself first was the best thing I could have done for myself and baby to be! I was a bit nervous initially, as I did not know what to expect, but my fears and anxieties were immediately put at ease. Once Rosanne entered with her positive energy, it immediately lit this fire and excitement within me and that energy just continued to grow. Getting to meet each and every one of the beautiful, empowering, and wise sisters was completely electrifying! We realized despite where we came from, what our fertility struggles were, we all were bonded by this journey and could draw from one another. Rosanne gave us SO many pearls, kicked the BS out the window (THANK YOU!!!) and empowered us each to find our inner Mamas. In front of our newly found sisterhood, we were each held accountable to our goals and the steps we said we would take to make baby happen! These initial strangers are now family, true sisters and the bond created is unlike any other---to this day I keep in touch with my sisters from retreat and it is so comforting, encouraging and an amazing outlet to have a group of individuals who just get it. If you are on the fence, debating on if this is for you, please do yourself the biggest favor, give yourself the best most incredible gift and sign up for this retreat and be prepared to have an experience of a lifetime. You are worth it, your baby is worth it, NO EXCUSES! Your future baby will thank you for it 😉

- Lucy, Ohio

This retreat is for you if...

You are the woman who:

Is ready to finally be successful on her fertility journey,

Desires to learn insanely effective mindset tools and strategies for her success,

Is ready to bring her very best self to her fertility journey--body and MIND,

Longs to be part of a sisterhood of awesome AF women, who "get it," and lift each other up toward their dreams,

Takes 100% responsibility for her success,

Is ALL IN when it comes to being a Mom,

Believes SHE is worth it, AND

Thinks spending a few days with me and some of the coolest, high-vibe women she will ever meet is a massive HELL YES.

There is fearlessness within you.

Let's unleash her at The Shore Lodge.

All 3 days of this powerful, unique, exclusive retreat will include:

*Inspired teaching,

*Masterful coaching in a supportive, HELL YES vortex of feminine power,

*Retreat materials,

*Gourmet beverages, snacks, and lunch,

*Transportation from downtown Boise to McCall, Idaho,

*3 nights accommodation at the Shore Lodge (if you enroll by February 29, 2020), AND

*Some pretty awesome surprises along the way--I LOVE to surprise and delight!

*Note: if you are invited to be a part of this retreat, you will have the opportunity to complete a confidential Welcome Packet, so I can study YOU and unique goals beforehand. (Nice!)

Your admission to this retreat does not include:

*Transportation or airfare to Boise,

*Transportation in or around McCall, OR

*Meals, unless otherwise specified.

What happens after I apply?:

After you submit your application, it will be reviewed within 48 hours and you may be offered an interview to secure your spot. A spot at this retreat is not secure until you have completed enrollment by making your investment. We are offering an application & interview process to be sure that each woman invited to join in the retreat is committed to her success and that our intentions are in alignment. Makes sense, right?

Why Jump On This Opportunity NOW?

3 days of private, in-person coaching with me would be a minimum investment of $20,000.

You can gain some of the same benefits of that kind of powerful attention by joining this intimate retreat for a FRACTION of that investment.

PLUS, those enrolling by February 29, 2020, will get a BONUS of 3-nights accommodations at the Shore Lodge.

Got questions? Contact my team at

More love from my ladies:

Rosanne , I wanted to send thanks and pictures your way. Hudson was born 9/23 8lb 5.2oz. He is the best thing ever. Thank you for your work in helping me on my journey. I see myself employ your teachings as I go about day to day and I credit my amazing pregnancy and a not too terrible first 7 days to what I learned from you. I had many people comment about how I seemed so relaxed throughout my pregnancy. And even now despite the sleep deprivation and the stress of milk supply issues and trying to get weight back on this big baby I still find myself with a huge smile on my face every day. Many hugs to you and baby Asher!

- Julia, Alaska

I felt that I had an immediate connection with Rosanne The connection was validated and made real after our first call and life hasn't been the same since!  Working with Rosanne requires you to look in the mirror and to truly look at yourself asking tough questions. Did I tell you she will call you out on your bull-s?!  Rosanne works on the facets of your life that are blocking the "mommy" path.  She helped me to realize I CAN HAVE IT ALL. She helped me get out of my own way so I could experience what was truly meant for me. My journey started in June 2016 and by October, I had not only the promotion she helped me to work on getting, but most importantly I was able to yell out and speak the words I so longed to stay and that was "I'M PREGNANT!"  I have nothing but the upmost respect, admiration and love for Rosanne. She is truly a blessing, an exceptional woman, and an angel in disguise to me!

- Tracy M., Virginia

Before you go,

During the years I spent struggling on my fertility journey, I told myself I didn't need any help. I figured that I was smart and used to doing things on my own...No problem!

That short-sighted approach cost me years of heartache. Worst of all, it stood in the way of the confidence, certainty, and joy I craved on this journey.

When I finally got out of my own way and supplemented the work I had done on myself with the high-level coaching support I desired, we turned what could have taken me years to figure out into days.

The question I kept asking myself was, "why the hell didn't I do this sooner?"

I have first hand experience successfully transforming negativity, fear, and stress on my own journey, and have helped women all over the world do the same, so they can be Moms.

I can help YOU get there too. Your mindset matters.

Give yourself the chance to show up to your journey as your very best self. Now is when you need her most.

With Love + Respect,