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Is Being Cheap “Smart” On Your Journey?

There is no question that fertility treatment can be expensive…really expensive.  The pressure can be overwhelming and leave you feeling like you are shoveling money out the window at a break-neck pace.  It’s understandable that your first impulse may be to tighten your belt and put a death grip on your wallet.

But, has your desire to be financially responsible made you downright cheap?

Sometimes we confuse smart fertility treatment finance with penny-pinching madness, but they couldn’t be more different. That confusion can lead us to some painful and unintended consequences.

Cheap isn’t just how you approach money though…it’s an overall mindset.  One that can leave us feeling confined and neglected.  Neither is particularly helpful on this journey.

TODAY, July 28th, on The Love Your Journey Podcast, I am going to talk about the true cost of being cheap on the fertility journey.

I will be sharing:

  • Why being cheap doesn’t pay,
  • What may lie beneath your impulse to be tightfisted (it has NOTHING to do with money),
  • Why now is NOT the time to sell yourself short, AND
  • So much more!

Tuning into the show is easy-peasey!  Just click on the audio player below and listen on demand.

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With Love + Respect,