Your struggle with fear, negativity and doubt ends now.

You were born to be a Mom.

But when you are trying to conceive, whether you are doing it “the old fashioned way,” or you are being supported by fertility treatment, and you are faced with months or years of disappointment, it’s easy to lose your connection to that FACT.

Negativity, fear, doubt, shame, jealousy, competitiveness, isolation, and a whole clown-car of painful emotions can set in and make this time in your life excruciating.

Sure, you have your good days, but the truth is, there are emotional triggers everywhere: your social media feed, pregnancy announcements, seeing a beautiful pregnant woman on the street, the insensitive comment from a family member, you name it!

Being the smart, professional, go-getter woman you are, you may have tried yoga, meditation, “positive thinking,” affirmations, therapy, and keeping busy…BUT FEAR, NEGATIVITY, and DOUBT always seem to know how to pull the rug out from under you.

Not only is living your journey this way creating toxic stress that is horrible for your health, it’s sucking the life out of you, and it’s downright boring!

What if instead of your mind working against you, it powerfully supported you in making your dreams of being a Mom come true?

This is absolutely possible–and it starts with resetting your mindset.

I will show you how.


Feeling incredibly alive again,

Knowing exactly how to neutralize negativity and doubt,

Being able to stop the “what-if” train as soon as it leaves the station,

Feeling more faith in your beautiful body than ever before,

Getting the love, support, and understanding you crave,

Freedom from beating yourself up like it’s your favorite pastime,

Feeling overjoyed when you receive pregnancy announcements,

Letting your doctor’s opinion be an opinion, not a verdict.

Having a long overdue breakup with Dr. Google, AND

Being calm, confident, and certain your baby was coming…no matter what.

Your time is NOW. Are you ready?

Your Mindset Can Help You Beat The Odds.

Having coached and mentored hundreds of women around the world, I know one thing for sure: women who are successful on this journey had the mindset for it.

This is true even in the face of repeated treatment “failures,” miscarriage, PCOS, Endometriosis, unexplained infertility, low ovarian reserve, and being gorgeously 40+.

What you think and believe influences your choices, actions, and body chemistry. Logically, it can impact your results.

The mind-body connection is undeniable. If you are unhappy with your results, you simply can’t afford to ignore your mindset.

Having used the power of mindset to overcome ridiculous odds myself (I had my son 15 months ago–conceived naturally, at 43,despite years of fertility treatment “failures”) it is my mission to teach women across the globe to do the same.

With my private 1:1 coaching practice in Waiting List status, I have created an 8-Week Course and Group Coaching Experience to serve more women this journey.

What if you could learn to think like a woman who achieves success on her fertility journey?

What if your mindset was no longer your weak link?

During this 8-Week Course and Group Coaching experience you will:

Create a unique path to living your journey with calm, confidence, and certainty–regardless of any curve-balls that get thrown your way.
Learn exactly how to silence fear, negativity, and doubt instantly.
Learn exactly what to DO when faced with triggers in your social media feed, at work, in your personal life, and in your relationships–so you don’t ever have to feel powerless in those moments again.
Break free from being stuck in “why me” and endlessly beating yourself up for being “broken,” selfish, unworthy, TOO OLD, and other useless negativity.
Learn how to uncage an overlooked super-power that you absolutely, positively need to be successful on this journey. (I bet you are dying to know what this is!)
Be in community with other high-vibrational, zero-competition women who are absolutely committed to success on their fertility journey.
And so much more!

Women just like you have reset their mindset…with amazing results!

I was lost and deep in the throws of dealing with infertility.  I had just experienced another IVF failure and I was heartbroken. I knew I needed help. Having worked with Rosanne, I can honestly say she is the BEST decision I have ever made during my infertility journey!  Rosanne is the ‘real deal’.  She has been in the thick of infertility just like the women she coaches.  She understands and relates. It was so comforting to know that someone else has experienced the EXACT same thoughts and emotions that I did and knows how to address them so I could rise above them and see the light.  My heart needed healing and Rosanne guided me to a place of peace and purpose.  She is a straight talker and pushed me to dig deeper. I am so incredibly happy and grateful to report that my miracle will be arriving in June 2017.  I will surely let my little one know that he has a fairy godmother named Rosanne, who always believed in him. Give yourself a gift and work with Rosanne…you are truly worth the investment and more importantly your little one to be is too 🙂

Annmarie C.

Boston, Massachusetts, USA

I felt that I had an immediate connection with Rosanne listening to a webinar on a Saturday morning when she opened up with the song “We Are Family”. The connection was validated and made real after our first call and life hasn’t been the same since!  Working with Rosanne requires you to look in the mirror and to truly look at yourself asking tough questions. She’s a no bull-s woman who will not let you stand for or take it for yourself either. Did I tell you she will call you out on your bull-s as well?!  Rosanne works on the facets of your life that is blocking the “mommy” path.  She helped me to realize I CAN HAVE IT ALL. She helped me get out of my own way so I could experience what was truly meant for me. My journey started in June 2016 and by October, I had not only the promotion she helped me to work on getting, but most importantly I was able to yell out and speak the words I so longed to stay, ”I’M PREGNANT!”  I have nothing but the utmost respect, admiration and love for Rosanne. She is truly a blessing and an exceptional woman, but also an angel in disguise to me!

Tracy M.

Virginia, USA

Rosanne is compassionate, fierce, and a pillar of strength, who was able to guide me through a particularly challenging fertility journey.  She showed me what bullet proof belief meant when I had doubt, what healing felt like when we went through multiple failures, and together we celebrated our positive pregnancy test when it finally happened. She truly is my fertility fairy godmother!!

Nita M.

Ontario, Canada

The course begins Monday, October 15, 2018

Here is what’s included:


Quick Start Workbook and Audio Lesson

You will be empowered to hit the ground running in this program. Your Quick Start Workbook and Audio training will help you powerfully set your intentions and position you for success as we begin our journey together in this course.

6 Weekly Learning Modules

I have created 6 incredibly powerful audio learning modules that will help you reset your mindset once and for all. Each module builds upon the other and will give you tools, strategies, and practical ways to effectively break free of the fear, negativity, and doubt that has left you feeling helpless, hopeless, and stressed out. Each audio module is fully downloadable and accompanied by PDF workbooks that will help deepen the learning and support you in getting results. Simple, convenient, effective! Modules will be released on Mondays (except during Thanksgiving Week) over the 8 weeks of this course, starting October 15th.

4 Group Coaching Calls

Our group coaching calls will be an incredibly fun, motivational, and supportive place where you can take what you discover in each module to the next level.  I will personally coach you to achieve the breakthroughs you desire, so you can begin to feel more confident on your journey than ever before. Each group coaching call will be recorded, so you won’t miss a thing. The chance to be coached and mentored on this journey by another woman who has beaten the odds is transformational!

Coaching Call Schedule:

Saturday, October 27, 2018 8:00 AM (California)

Saturday, November 10, 2018 8:00 AM (California)

Saturday, November 17, 2018 8:00 AM (California)

Saturday, December 8, 2018 8:00 AM (California)


Fearlessly Fertile Journal™:

Journaling is powerful medicine for your heart and mind, so I have created a lovely journal for you, that includes powerful prompts to inspire you as you move through this course. With this journal supporting you, there will be no excuse for writer’s block and you will be amazed at the insights and peace that you cultivate along the way.

Fearlessly Fertile Reading List™:

An important part of what you will learn in this course is the power of immersing yourself in belief. One of the most effective ways of doing that is to read books that will inspire you and deepen your belief in yourself…and your dreams. I share my favorite books that supported me on my journey and they are also books that my clients have come to love as well.

Surprises along The Way:

Because there is nothing I love more than surprising and delighting my clients, I’ve got something extra special up my sleeve for you, and I can’t wait to share it!

**Sorry! Sold OUT IN 2018.**

Check out Rosanne’s New Program Below:

More love from my ladies!

When asked what I would tell the other women about what it was like to work with Rosanne, I have been thinking and rethinking, writing and rewriting. Why?  Like love, happiness, joy and freedom cannot be explained, they can only be experienced. When I met Rosanne, I had been through 6 failed IVF cycles.  She taught me a new way to think so that I could embrace a new way to be. Together we changed positive thinking into positive action and wishful thinking into thinking of life as a series of endless exciting possibilities. Rosanne has helped me to reach the realisation that letting go is not giving up.  I am ecstatic to finally say, that I am going to love my life no matter what – a place I never ever thought I would get to! My husband is so stunned at my transformation after all the years of wasted therapy!

Bianca S.

Gloucestershire, United Kingdom

Rosanne is an awesome coach! She was fully present, accepting, warm, focused and articulate in our work together. For me results were immediate. That’s what I loved most about her coaching method and it really works! She did more for me in a few short weeks than the years of therapy I’ve had. I did the necessary work with the guidance of Rosanne and I was surprised to learn I had that drive and determination in me. I was very stuck for a while but it didn’t take long for me to start my transformation once Rosanne came into my life. She showed me how to make decisions and have confidence in myself. She not only coached me on my fertility journey but life in general as well. For me that was KEY.  It was so important to work on “me” and not just my fertility issues. She made me realize I have the strength and courage to make the necessary changes for a happier and healthier life by illuminating a clearer path. It’s amazing to have someone 100% in my corner no matter what. I am happy to say I am now 22 weeks pregnant after many years of infertility.  🙂 Thank you Rosanne, I’m forever grateful!

Disa K.

Port Washington, New York, USA

I came to Rosanne trying to figure out how to navigate a lengthy fertility journey. What was amazing was that those questions were only the start: Our work far exceeded that realm. Her wisdom, her razor sharp listening and ability to cut through the ‘fog’, her questions, her enthusiasm, and her insistence on accountability enabled me to move forward in various other arenas in my life. She challenged me to take steps in a way that traditional therapy never has, and I wrapped up our sessions not just with some personal successes but with a new appreciation of my own capability and leadership. I am indebted. My only regret is that I did not start working with her earlier.

Shoshanna K.

San Francisco, California, USA

Join this course for:

Sorry! Sold Out In 2018.

who is rosanne austin?

I struggled with my fertility for YEARS while I was a successful trial lawyer.

I chased after every fertility treatment, diet, healer, potion, and process I could get my hands on.  I was a stressed out mess.

I compared myself to every pregnant woman I laid eyes on, asking “why me?”

I dreaded pregnancy announcements, baby showers, and my social media feed.

I beat myself up with every “what if,” and negative thought my imagination could spit in my direction.

I lived that way for years…and it kept me from getting the results I desired.

Then, I realized that I was missing a key piece of the puzzle when it came to supporting my fertility: mindset.

When I transformed my mindset, I beat the odds at 43.

I now help women all over the world do the same.

My clients learn to make the “impossible” possible on their fertility journey. Unexplained Infertility? Pregnant. PCOS? Pregnant. Poor Egg Quality? Pregnant. Endometriosis? Pregnant. They beat the odds.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this course for?

This course is designed for women who desire to empower themselves to break free from the stress inducing fear and negativity that plagues so many women on the fertility journey. This course is for the woman who wants to learn to think, believe, and therefore act like a woman who achieves success. This course is for the woman who takes personal responsibility for the trajectory of her life and her fertility journey. It is for the woman who is excited to learn how to use her thoughts and mindset to support her success. It is for the woman who wants the confidence that comes from knowing she has covered all of her bases on this journey—mind and body!

Who is this course NOT for?

This course is not for the woman who is more committed to her fear and negativity, than her success. This is not for the woman who prefers to complain instead of take action to improve her circumstances. This is not for the woman who approaches Rosanne or her teachings with skepticism or an attitude of, “prove it.” If you doubt the power of mindset, please save your money—invest it in something you do believe in!

What is the investment for this course?

Sorry! This course is SOLD OUT!

Is there a payment plan offered?

Yes. There is a 2-pay plan offered. The first payment is charged immediately. The second and final payment will be charged 30 days later. There is no finance charge for this option. Just note that the most generous discounts are given for the Invest In Full Option during the promotional periods.

What does this course include?

This course is comprised of two key components: 1) Learning modules and 2) Live group coaching calls. The course begins with your access to your Orientation Materials and a Quick Start Audio Lesson—which you will gain access to via the membership site, upon enrollment. From that point on, you will receive learning modules weekly during the 8-week course. Note: Delivery of the learning modules may not be exactly consecutive weeks, particularly if there is a holiday occurring during that week in the United States, or for other scheduling reasons, solely within the discretion of Rosanne Austin. Please refer to the course schedule both on the page advertising this course and your membership site upon enrollment.

Note: The schedule for the group coaching calls are as listed on the course enrollment page AND your membership site.

Is this a private 1x1 coaching experience?

No. This is a group workshop conducted via teleseminar, in which you have the opportunity to call in, raise your hand, and ask Rosanne your questions live. This is a group experience, but you will have the opportunity to get personalized attention from Rosanne in this group setting.

What happens if I can’t make one or more of the live group coaching calls?

All of the live group coaching calls will be recorded, so you won’t miss a thing. Links to the recorded calls will be made available for you to on your membership site. Call recordings will be posted shortly after the completed coaching call. Please allow up to 48 hours for posting.

How long are the group coaching calls?

Each call is planned for a 1-hour run time, however, Rosanne is generous with her time and will stay on the line as long as she can to make sure all questions get answered, within reason of course!

I’m nervous about speaking in “public,” am I required to speak on the calls?

No, you are not required to speak on the calls, but as you can probably guess, the more involved and visible you are on the calls, the more you benefit. Rosanne is well known for creating a fun, safe, warm, and empowering environment during her courses. Women across the globe love her irreverent, always empowering style. Having lived this journey herself, Rosanne desires to support every woman who has the guts to say HELL YES to her desire to be a Mom.

How do I access my course materials?

Upon enrollment, you will receive a Welcome Email. In that email will contain the link to the Log In area of your membership site. The email will also include your unique Log In Credentials for the membership site. From there, you will simply click on the image for “Fearlessly Fertile Mindset Reset,” and you will be taken to your course page. On your course page will be further instructions and links to your learning modules/course materials. You are encouraged to download your course materials as soon as they are made available—you want to stay on schedule and not fall behind!

Do you offer refunds?

No. Rosanne only works with women who are certain that she is the right coach for them. Rosanne is a professionally trained coach, certified by the International Coach Federation, who has the expertise that comes from having personally transformed her own fertility journey, and her work has helped women across the globe do the same. Rosanne’s coaching programs are for women who are 100% committed and who take responsibility for their own results. Rosanne brings hundreds of hours of training, thousands of hours of supporting women through the most challenging times in their lives, and undeniably creative magic to her coaching practice. She shows up 100% for her clients and she expects her clients to do the same and follow through in using their new awarenesses, tools, and strategies they gain by working with her to achieve the results they desire. Clients are responsible for their own results. If you have questions about working with Rosanne, please contact her team at:

What if I desire more coaching from Rosanne after the completion of the course?

You will have the opportunity to explore that with Rosanne as you wish. Rosanne has unique and innovative coaching packages that have supported women in all stages of their fertility journey.

How is coaching different from therapy?

Coaching and therapy are distinct disciplines. Coaching does not purport to and is not intended to diagnose or treat mental illness. Coaching is intended to support clients to transform behaviors and achieve specific goals in the present or future. In coaching, there is a distinct focus is on action, accountability, and solutions. In coaching, the approach assumes a functioning client, who is creative, resourceful, and whole. Coaching can absolutely be used in conjunction with therapy and the two are not mutually exclusive–they blend together quite nicely actually. Many clients have described how they were amazed at how much faster they saw results in their lives through coaching, as opposed to therapy, but of course, the two are completely different and results obviously vary. If during the coaching package a subject that is best addressed by a mental health professional comes up, Rosanne will advise the client.

What if I have more questions?

You can direct them to Rosanne’s team at:

Before you go

During the years I spent struggling on my fertility journey, I told myself I didn’t need any help. I figured I was smart and used to doing things on my own…No problem!

That short-sighted approach cost me years of heartache. Worst of all, it stood in the way of the confidence, certainty, and joy I craved on this journey.

When I finally got out of my own way and supplemented the work I had done on myself with the high-level coaching support I desired, we turned what could have taken me years to figure out into hours.

The question I kept asking myself was, “why the hell didn’t I do this sooner?”

I have first hand experience successfully transforming negativity, fear, and stress on my own journey, and using mindset to make the seemingly “impossible,” possible.

I have helped women all over the world do the same.

I can help YOU get there too. Your mindset matters.

Give yourself the chance to show up to your journey as your very best self. Now is when you need her most.

With Love + Respect,