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Fearlessly Fertile™ is a podcast, a community, and a movement.

It is my aim to empower women who are struggling with fertility to use the power of mindset to beat the odds, so they can be the Mom they were meant to be.

The goal is to help you break free from the grip of “what-ifs,” isolation, comparisons, self-doubt, and resulting stress that are doing nothing for your fertility. We will help you get there with inspiring, honest talk and powerful, practical strategies for living your fertility journey like the unstoppable woman you are—
regardless of what your journey throws your way.

Your host is Rosanne Austin, expert coach, speaker,  and author who kicked infertility’s ass. Having struggled with fertility for years while she was a successful trial lawyer, Rosanne knows how to make the seemingly “impossible,” possible and teaches women across the globe how to do the same. She will provoke you to think differently about yourself and your fertility journey. Her work is loved by women all over the world, who have used mindset to make their dream of being a Mom their reality…finally.