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As you get ready to slide into your weekend, I want to shed some light on something that has the power to ruin even our best days on this journey...

I call it, "The What If Spin Cycle."

  • What if my treatment doesn't work?
  • What if I have to spend more money?
  • What if my partner is disappointed in me?
  • What if I find out that my goodie-two-shoes nemesis is pregnant?
  • What if I accidentally ate something that wasn't organic?
  • AND, the grand-daddy of the baddy,"What if IT never happens for me?"

I bet you can think of 10,000 more--you are smart, driven, and creative like that.

Now, if you want to stay caught up in that mess--it's your prerogative (insert the sound of Bobby Brown's multi-platinum hit.)

AND, as a coach who facilitates the process by which smart women all over the world ABSOLUTELY TRANSFORM their journeys and their lives, I have one thing to say:

If you don't like where your "what ifs" take you, point yourself in a new direction.

Here's a killer tool to help you get there, I call it: "What If...AWESOME!"

Here's how it works: Instead of taking the fall-back position of what-ifing yourself to death with the expectation that things are just going to go to shit, create a NEW HABIT of "What if...AWESOME!"

Simply replace the currently miserable and tired main clause of your what-ifstatements with something that makes you giddy!

  • "What if everything goes positively spectacular?" (AWESOME)
  • "What if my eggs are absolutely perfect?" (AWESOME)
  • "What if I could be ecstatically happy no matter what happens?" (AWESOME)
  • "What if I ask for more support from my partner and get it?" (AWESOME)
  • "What if I get to have Rosanne as my coach?" (REALLY AWESOME)

It is undisputed that your mindset has a direct correlation to your stress level.

If your what-ifs are stressing you out, you have the power to change them.

You've got this.

Lots of love,

Rosanne 350 x 90