I came to Rosanne after about a year of fertility treatments.  I was brittle and felt like I couldn't take another failure.  I felt like a shell of myself; angry, resentful, and scared as hell.  I knew something had to change and I couldn't figure out how to do that alone.  My work with Rosanne was the absolute best thing I have done throughout this journey to become a mother.  I was nervous to invest the time and money, but I got more out of this than any therapy or meditation or book gave me.  Rosanne met me with the kindness and understanding that I so deeply needed.  She is a true warrior and her wisdom is hard won.  She was an inspiration to me that I could also find joy and happiness again.  Through tears and lots of laughter, Rosanne helped me define my "no matter what".  She helped me find freedom and choice again.  She helped me find the space to breathe again, laugh, and enjoy the beautiful life that I do have.  My personal coaching sessions became touchstones throughout my first IVF cycle and her absolute belief in me held me firm and steady in the rocky waters of advanced fertility treatments.  I cannot say enough about Rosanne's work.  She is a blessing to our community and her work changed my life.  I am so deeply grateful to her for what she has given me.  I am whole again.  I am strong.  I am a resilient rock star.  And I know, no matter what happens, that I can face my future and embrace its beauty and challenges with renewed hope and happiness.     

PS: This picture of me was taken in the middle of IVF when we were getting bad and mixed news about our cycle.  Despite this and how hard that was, I was able to dress up and celebrate my birthday with enthusiasm and hope.  That's what Rosanne helped me do!  

Beca S.
Beca S. Oakland, California

Words can not express how much Rosanne has truly helped me. She is simply an amazing awesome coach.  She came into my life when I was in a dark lonely emotional place within “my trying to start a family" journey, with not much light at the end of the tunnel.  I started planning for a family later in life and had 3 failed IVF cycles and of course the endless disappointments every month.  I now have the confidence to live my life to the fullest, to believe in myself and to see my future in a different light.  Rosanne was able to delve into areas that I have not talked about for a long time and ask difficult questions which led to me having lots of ‘aha’ moments.  She was there when the emotions flowed guiding me through the torrent of ups and downs.  Rosanne gave me back my confidence, courage, strength and worthiness. I can now dream and live again and most importantly I can see my future. I will be forever grateful. 

Diane M.
Diane M. Greymouth, New Zealand

I came to Rosanne trying to figure out how to navigate a lengthy fertility journey. What was amazing was that those questions were only the start: Our work far exceeded that realm. Her wisdom, her razor sharp listening and ability to cut through the 'fog', her questions, her enthusiasm, and her insistence on accountability enabled me to move forward in various other arenas in my life. She challenged me to take steps in a way that traditional therapy never has, and I wrapped up our sessions not just with some personal successes but with a new appreciation of my own capability and leadership. I am indebted. My only regret is that I did not start working with her earlier.

- Shoshanna K., San Francisco, California

Rosanne is an awesome coach! She was fully present, accepting, warm, focused and articulate in our work together. For me results were immediate. That's what I loved most about her coaching method and it really works! She did more for me in a few short weeks than the years of therapy I’ve had. I did the necessary work with the guidance of Rosanne and I was surprised to learn I had that drive and determination in me. I was very stuck for a while but it didn’t take long for me to start my transformation once Rosanne came into my life. She showed me how to make decisions and have confidence in myself. She not only coached me on my fertility journey but life in general as well. For me that was KEY.  It was so important to work on “me” and not just my fertility issues. She made me realize I have the strength and courage to make the necessary changes for a happier and healthier life by illuminating a clearer path. It’s amazing to have someone 100% in my corner no matter what. I am happy to say I am now 22 weeks pregnant after many years of infertility.  🙂 Thank you Rosanne, I’m forever grateful!

- Disa K., Port Washington, NY

When asked what I would tell the other women about what it was like to work with Rosanne, I have been thinking and rethinking, writing and rewriting. Why?  Like love, happiness, joy and freedom cannot be explained, they can only be experienced. When I met Rosanne, I had been through 6 failed IVF cycles.  She taught me a new way to think so that I could embrace a new way to be. Together we changed positive thinking into positive action and wishful thinking into thinking of life as a series of endless exciting possibilities. Rosanne has helped me to reach the realisation that letting go is not giving up.  I am ecstatic to finally say, that I am going to love my life no matter what - a place I never ever thought I would get to!

P.s. My husband is so stunned at my transformation after all the years of wasted therapy that he is telling all his mates to get a Rosanne for their wives - "Don't ask me to explain it," he tells them, "you've got to experience it!"

Bianca S.
Bianca S. Gloucestershire, United Kingdom

Rosanne is warm, wise, enthusiastic, experienced, intuitive, nurturing, and honest. I was so overwhelmed by the pain and complexity of my mind and heart in response to experiencing infertility, that it consumed me and thus paralyzed me both in action and thoughts. Rosanne helped me to break down each of the multi-faceted issues of mine that arose, dissected the meaning of each and gave a plan of action. She helped me orient my priorities and kept my self-compassion in check. She has an immaculate skill for really listening, observing, and reflecting on what I was struggling with, and she employs creative techniques to get yourself out of your head, and see the healthier perspective I had been longing for. I am now in a much better place emotionally and mentally to be able to handle my inner state when challenges arise. Thank you Rosanne for invaluable coaching.

River D.
River D. San Francisco, California

When I first started coaching with Rosanne, I was at a very low point in my fertility journey. After having a miscarriage and 6 unsuccessful IUI cycles, I was feeling hopeless, discouraged and so alone. Our coaching sessions helped give me the tools and confidence that I needed to move forward not only with my fertility journey, but with my life. I was so sick of putting my life on hold for infertility and over time I learned that I can have the joyful, wonderful life that I want no matter what! Rosanne's positive energy is truly contagious and her encouragement and support were exactly what I needed as I moved to the next stage of my fertility journey and started IVF. Thank you so much Rosanne for all of the support and love you have sent my way - I am forever grateful for all that you have given me!

Lauren M.
Lauren M. Baltimore, Maryland

Rosanne is awesome and I highly recommend you take the first opportunity to work with her, even if you don't know what exactly you want to work on. It is obvious she cares about each person she works with and has an uncanny ability to understand a person, even only having met on the phone. I really got a lot out of working with her and I find myself thinking frequently "What would Rosanne say to me in this situation?" The infertility world needs more of Rosanne!

Marian K.
Marian K. St. Paul, Minnesota

I found my coaching group to be an amazing source of expert knowledge and compassionate support. Rosanne's methods go beyond skillful; she was able to artfully dig through layers of emotions to get to the root of my problems, working them out like untangling knots together!  Our work always ended in positive challenges to action that brought about real, meaningful changes in the way I perceived my own experiences.  I would literally feel like a weight was lifted from me after our sessions, and my husband would notice how relaxed and carefree I was after working with Rosanne!  I would recommend anyone going through infertility to have Rosanne in your corner, giving you amazing tools to transform your experience into a positively inspirational journey!

Kelly D.
Kelly D. New Orleans, Louisiana

Rosanne rocks! She's been there and she gets it. Any woman going through this challenge would be lucky to have her as their coach!  A million X's and O's to you Rosanne!

Linda A.
Linda A. Massachusetts

In her disarming manner, Rosanne is able to address uncomfortable issues in a non-confronting way. As a result, deep and penetrating insights unfold.

Jennifer O.
Jennifer O. Oakland, California

I think describing a session with Rosanne as insightful is perfect, because she asked me questions that no one (including myself!) had asked me. It pushed me to think about myself and my experience in different ways, but I felt like I arrived there by my own answers to her questions, not because she was telling me what to think. Rosanne also has a great energy that makes it easy and comfortable to speak openly. I felt like it was a very safe space, which is tricky to create over the phone.

Penina G.
Penina G. New York, New York

WHOOT! WHOOT!  I am so glad I talked to Rosanne.  I made a commitment to myself.  Super empowering to remember that I CAN take care of my own needs in addition to caring for my family.

Wendy R.
Wendy R. Monterey, California

Rosanne's coaching was "perfect."  I felt so light.  She helped me approach subjects that I wouldn't have approached before.

- Stacey B., Albany, New York

Thank you again for everything coach!! 🙂 Your challenges have helped to put me more at ease and realize the facts and helped me to “shine the light” on the Gremlins that I fed after midnight!  LOL

- Christen S., Ontario, Canada

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