3 Empowering Steps Smart Women Take To Dramatically Reduce Stress On Their Fertility Journey

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Hello and welcome. This is Rosanne Austin, Fertility Journey Transformation Coach and creator of the Fertility Journey Fearless Method. I am so excited that you are joining me for 3 Empowering Steps Smart Women Take to Dramatically Reduce Stress When Struggling With Fertility. If you are done with feeling overwhelmed by the stress of your fertility journey and truly want to do something powerful to manage it, you are definitely in the right place. If you are sick of being stuck in the nasty habit of comparing yourself to every pregnant woman you see, beating yourself up with what-ifs tormenting yourself with negative thoughts out of control worry about whether it is ever going to happen for you, hold on tight, because you are certainly in the right place. I want to tell you straight up right now before we even start this training, that you do not have to live your journey stuck in what I like to call the "stress swamp." You don't. In fact, powerfully managing your stress once and for all, will be one of the best things you will ever do for your journey and yourself. We will get into exactly why in just a bit.

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Can you imagine approaching the rest of your journey with fearless confidence, the kind of confidence that gives you the freedom to say goodbye to torturing yourself with negative thoughts and worry about whether or not this is going to be the month? What if your two week wait wasn't so miserable? What if you could start feeling alive again? Ladies, what if you could really say to yourself, "I've got this" and really mean it? I know that if you've been struggling on this journey for some time that you might feel powerless against the crushing stress that comes along with it. Or you might think that none of what I've just said is possible for you. But I'm here to tell you that not only is it possible, it's closer than you think. It's my goal during this training to share how smart women approach stress on their fertility journey and show you that there is another way. I'm going to empower you with information that will help you approach the stress of your journey from a completely different angle. And if you take action, will help you feel more in control and empower you to start reducing your stress today. As a bonus for signing up for this training, I created a special worksheet for you to capture your learning and to actively participate in this training. So you can put what you are learning into immediate action. As you will learn, taking effective action is the key to achieving the goals that you set when it comes to stress. I'm bringing 100% of myself to this training. And if you bring everything you've got, we are going to make a fantastic team. So if you haven't done so already, you can pause this training and print out the worksheet. So you can have it handy, of course as long as you're not driving or operating heavy machinery. And look Don't worry, if you can't get to your worksheet now it's no big deal. You can just make some mental notes of things that come up for you. And you can always come back to this training and go back to the worksheet and take notes at a later time. No matter what you do, make it a priority that at some point to write what you are learning down or write some of the ideas that may be coming up for you.

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As we get started with the training in earnest, I wanted to just take a moment to give you the opportunity to set your intentions for this training. What do you want to get out of this training? Set an intention about what your attitude will be. Will you keep an open mind and instead of immediately dismissing something that you hear and say, "Oh, that can never work for me," will you give yourself a chance to ask "How can it work for me?" So just take a moment and set an intention for yourself on how you want to use this time and what you want to get out of it. Got your intention? Okay, great. So I'm also going to invite you to set your electronic devices to silent and allow yourself to be fully present during this training. I've designed it to be less than 30 minutes so you can get this information quickly and begin to take whatever action that you may be inspired to take. Make this time about you. I know how busy you are. And maybe this might be the only time you have to yourself this week, so really make it count.

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I want to start us off by telling you a little bit about myself and why I am certain that what I'm sharing with you has the power to change the way you approach stress on this journey. You might first of all be asking yourself what is a fertility journey transformation coach? Simply put, I help women all over the world transform the way they live their fertility journey. I help women who do choose to live their fertility journey in an empowered way overcome their fear and stress so they can improve their well being and rock this time in their lives with fearless confidence. Yes, ladies, fearless confidence. And I can say this with absolute certainty because I lived this journey. I struggled with fertility for years while I was a successful trial lawyer. I know exactly how this journey can turn your world upside down, and frankly, turn you into a stressed out mess. As the months turned into years, I watched myself go from feeling like a strong, confident woman into an absolute jittery, insecure mess. And it was funny because at times, I felt like I was living a double life. When I was in court and working, I was, you know, the master of my world, but behind closed doors, oh my God, I was absolutely a frightened mess. And that's what I allowed this journey to do to me. And I lived like that for years. So I know what it's like to feel alone misunderstood and even ashamed about struggling with fertility. Because the other thing was, I hid a lot of what I was going through from my friends and family, I really allow this journey to put a wedge between me and the people that I cared about, because I just didn't know how to handle it. I didn't know really what was going on for me. And I felt so different from anything else that I had lived through, and I just turned inward. And, you know, as we'll talk about later, that can be one of the worst things that you do. But bottom line is, I remember thinking to myself when I was on this journey, how much I wished I had a coach or mentor to help me get through it. Because as much as I had the support of my husband, my friends, and my family - they all loved me - but this was something that I was going through on a personal level, I needed help with how I was living this journey.

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I never found that coach or mentor, so I became her. And on my journey, I discovered powerful strategies for putting my fear and stress firmly in their place. And when I started implementing what I learned, everything about my journey changed. I no longer felt out of control. I stopped negatively comparing myself to every pregnant woman I saw, I was able to quickly silence the crazy clown car of what-ifs, that always knew exactly how to get me in the moments when I felt the worst. I was also able to silence that horrible voice that always used to sneak up on me whenever I was going through treatment to whisper "It's never going to work." And something tells me you might be able to relate to that. Bottom line, ladies, when I actually started implementing the things that I learned, oh my gosh, everything changed and I became fearless on this journey. I was able to get back into control of my life. And truly, everything changed. And shortly thereafter, a miracle happened for me.

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I made a commitment that I would share what I learned with women all over the world. And ladies, the results speak for themselves. And ladies, I am incredibly motivated to share what I learned with any woman who is willing to listen, because, look, having to figure this out on my own sucked and it took 10 times longer than if I had the support of a coach or mentor. And it's from this place of knowing exactly what this journey is like and what it took for me to really get a handle on the stress that was making me absolutely miserable, that I created the fertility journey fearless method. I want other women who are struggling with fertility to have the journey and life changing tools and strategies that absolutely changed the way I live my journey and is changing the lives of my clients all over the world. It's my goal to revolutionize the way women live their fertility journey. I believe that every woman has the power to live her fertility journey with fearless confidence and in fact, she deserves it. I want to inspire you and help you live your journey in a whole new way because when you do, everything changes.

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So let's dive right into the training and here's what you're going to learn today. The number one mistake far too many women make when trying to manage stress on their fertility journey and how you can avoid it. Next you're going to learn this seek it scary truth about what's really stressing you out and the simple big game changing things smart women do to get the upper hand. You will also learn the most important thing you can possibly do to break free from the cycle of stress that is making you miserable and put yourself back into control of your fertility, journey, and ultimately your life. And finally, how the combination of these three steps will empower you to start reducing the stress of your fertility journey today, and why doing so can make all the difference in the world. Ladies, there's two primary reasons why getting control of your stress is so important. This is not a luxury ladies, you've got to make getting stress under control a priority on your journey. And here's why.

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Number one, stress is toxic. If you are consulting with practitioners whose goal it is to help you enhance your fertility, you have probably been told time and time again to manage your stress. And there's tons of reasons for that. What do we know about stress? It's terrible for your health, and it has been linked to chronic disease. You've got to ask yourself, knowing what we know about it, how could it possibly be doing your fertility any favors? And frankly, how fertile do you feel when you are feeling stressed out and desperate? Any doubts about this? You've got to ask yourself, when was the last time you heard any doctor tell you "Hey, go get stressed out, it's awesome for your fertility"? Chances are, you are never going to hear that and there is a very good reason for it.

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The second reason to make getting control of your stress a priority is living under a constant undercurrent of stress is making you miserable. It sucks. You can feel what it's doing to your body and you can see the toll it's taking on your life. The impact on your life may be subtle in some areas and more blatant than others. Think about it. Do you feel like there's an invisible icky wall of silence with your partner, perhaps? How confident are you feeling these days? How connected you feel to your friends, family, and coworkers. The truth is, while you might have your good days, you're probably spending more time than you'd like waiting for the other shoe to drop, right? Or maybe you're quietly scared about what trigger might be lurking around the corner or maybe in your social media feed. It's so important that you get control of the stress because it's toxic, and it is really having an impact on the way you live your life. And this is no way to live, ladies. You deserve better and you have the power to choose how you live this journey. Do you want to live it curled up in a tiny ball? Or do you want to bring your very best self to this chapter in your life? I'd venture to guess that your very best self is pretty freakin awesome. Ladies, bring all of your wonderfulness to this journey and rock it out.

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And here's what's going to get you started. The first step smart women take to dramatically reduce their stress when struggling with fertility is they make the decision that they are no longer going to settle for living the rest of their journey on a steady diet of out of control stress. Now I want to be clear about what I mean when I say decision. It means that getting the upper hand on their stress is not just a nice-to-have, or I will get to it when I get to it. It isn't simply a preference. It is taking a stand for you not living the rest of your journey like a stressed out mess. It's taking a stand that you are not going to let stress negatively impact your fertility or your life. Failing to make this decision is the heartbreaking mistake that far too many women make. And I'll be honest, I made this mistake at first myself. We make stress management a nice-to-have far too often and instead of making this fundamental aspect of our health a priority, we get caught up in chasing after fertility treatments, special diet supplements, and every alternative therapy under the sun... that before we know it we end up turning ourselves into stressed out shells of the women we once were. And we start to accept that being stressed out on this journey is a way of life.

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Here's what I wish someone flat out told me when I was on my journey. Look, it makes no sense to be chasing after all of those wonderful things to enhance your fertility if you fail to address the stress that can compromise the very foundation of your health and well-being. What's the point of eating clean when you're blowing out your adrenals with worry? And what's the point of doing meditations and relaxation techniques when you just go right back to worry and freak out? If somebody had told me that and really gotten my attention by saying that it would have saved me years of misery, which is why I am sharing this with you now. I want you to be able to make a big difference in the way that you live your journey. I want to help you get back into control so that you can put stress firmly in its place. Failing to powerfully address your stress leaves a gaping hole in your fertility journey strategy, ladies. Do yourself a favor and make the decision that you aren't going to live this way anymore. We have the absolute power to decide how we live this journey, and you can either take responsibility to make the decision that you're going to control your stress, or you can let stress bully you and really take over the way that you live your journey and let stress control you. You get to decide who is in control. You or stress. And I know that when you've been living under a ton of stress for some time, it may not seem like there is any other way, but I assure you there is. It starts with you making the decision that you aren't going to settle and admitting that you deserve better. When you make this decision, you'll be amazed at how quickly things begin to change for you. Give yourself the chance to start living your journey in a whole new way.

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Now, if you're able to, again, if you're not driving or operating heavy machinery, take out your worksheet. And just below where you put your intentions. I want you to take a moment to write down why is it important for you now to make the decision that you will no longer settle for living the rest of your journey like a stressed out mess. There's no right or wrong answer here. There's just your answer. Why is it important to you to make the decision to stop living your journey this way? And go ahead and pause the training if you want to go ahead and write down a few notes about why it's important.

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Next, in the space just below that, I want you to write three words that you want to use to describe how you will live your journey from here on out. This is your chance, ladies. This is all about decision. You get to decide how you want to live your journey from here on out and what are the three words that you want to use to describe how you're going to live it. Feel free to pause the training again. Now that we know that smart women make a decision that they are no longer going to settle for living the rest of their fertility journey like a stressed out mess, let's talk about the second step that they take. And that is they get out of overwhelm and into reality about what's really stressing them out. Fear. Having coached women all over the world and having lived this journey myself, I know for a fact that if you peel back the layers of the things that stress us out on this journey, it all comes down to one thing, fear. Fear that it's never going to happen. Fear that your partner is going to be disappointed and leave you. Fear that you've done something to deserve this. Fear that you're going to spend all of your money on treatment and end up empty handed. Fear that you're going to miss out on being a mom. Fear that you will never be happy, maybe even fear that you're going to end up alone. Ladies, these fears have 1000s of ugly cousins, so you probably have your own set of fears. And you know what's funny is that if you really look at the things that stress us out on this journey, like getting pregnancy announcements, baby shower invitations, scrolling through our social media feed and seeing yet more baby pictures of somebody who's 5 or 10 years older than us that has had a baby and it just makes us feel like crap. When you really, like I said peel back the layers, it's all about fear. It's fear that it's never gonna happen for you or you know, whatever language you choose to use, but chances are at the heart of what is stressing you out is fear.

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Now I get that fertility treatments having done the alphabet soup of treatments myself, and other practical realities of this journey are certainly stressors. They are nothing compared to the stress that we create for ourselves with our fears and our fears, the exact fears that cut to the quick of who we are. And it's so important that we really bring this to the surface, ladies, because if you fail to acknowledge what is really scaring you on this journey, you will never have the power to overcome it. Fear is a sneaky self serving bully, so you've got to call it out. And when you get into reality about what's really freaking you out on this journey, you give yourself a chance to do something about it. You give yourself a chance to challenge whether or not it's something that's actually true. And when you when you look at that fear you give yourself the opportunity to replace fear with truth. Smart women get clear about the fear that is at the heart of their stress so they can do something about it. Our fears on this journey cut to the core of who we are, which is why they can seem so scary. But when you're honest with yourself about them, you give yourself the chance you deserve to break free of it. Fear plays upon our deepest insecurities and will keep us stuck and in a constant state of stress. Ladies, this is what whispers in your ear, "it will never work." And fear fuels self-sabotaging behavior. So just be aware of it. And I want you to be able to punch fear in the face and tell it to get to the back of the bus. Metaphorically, of course.

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So let's do an activity and just below the space from our last activity is a place for you to write down some of your fears, some of the fears, some of the things that are really scaring you on your journey right now. And I know that maybe even writing some of this out may scare you a little bit. But you know, go as far as you feel like, it's totally up to you. This is just an opportunity for you to get super clear about what's scaring you so that you have an opportunity to do something about it. So when you do this, you get clear about what's holding you hostage on this journey. And so go ahead and pause the training to write down maybe even just a few of the things that are scaring you. Maybe you're worried about your partner, or what your partner is going to think, or maybe you're worried about disappointing your family. Or maybe you're worried like, oh my god, maybe I'm gonna have to do five rounds of IVF for you know, whatever it is for you there. Again, there's no right or wrong answer. There's just your answer. So go ahead and pause the training now and take some notes.

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Now that you've created your list of fears, I want you to take a look at that list, and circle which one you know you want to work on the most. And chances are ladies, this won't be hard, you know exactly which one of those fears is stressing you out the most.

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Now let's talk about the third step smart women take to dramatically reduce their stress when struggling with fertility. Ladies, smart women take action. Now that you are aware of why deciding that you are no longer going to settle for living like a prisoner to stress is so important. And you have come up close and personal with what's really stressing you out on this journey. The most important thing you can possibly do to break free from the cycle of stress that is terrible for your health and is making you miserable is to take action. Taking action means that you're no longer powerless, ladies, you're no longer spinning in a stress spiral. You are giving yourself the opportunity to move forward and you are not going to let yourself be a victim on this journey of your stress and of your fear.

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Now, take a look at that fear list that you created and look at the fear that you circled in that exercise. Perhaps it looks a little different on paper than it did in your head right? Smaller, maybe even a teeny bit less scary. Ladies, when you look at it, what ideas do you have about what you want to do to address this fear? You know, perhaps there's a conversation you need to have? Or is there more information that you'd like to gather? Let's say that one of the fears that you circled was maybe you're worried about what's next for you on this journey and and what your doctor may suggest. Well, maybe getting more information about that would help you get in action about getting some facts to replace that fear, get some truth to replace the fear, so you feel less stressed. You see how this works? You know, perhaps there's something that you want to ask for, you know, maybe there's something that you need from your partner that you're not getting, you know, when you take a look at that fear and you say to yourself, Okay, well what can I do about this? What is some action that I can take to empower myself to get the information that I need in order to make this less stressful for me? Look at how dramatically it moves you from a place of victimhood to a place of leadership on your journey. You know, maybe it's time to get the coaching or other professional support to help you start living this journey in a more empowered way. You know, maybe you're afraid of how you're going to get through the rest of your journey and you can really use some fantastic tools and strategies for getting through it. You know, make a list you know, what do you want to do? And chances are ladies when you were looking at those fears you probably had some ideas start popping up for you when you circled the one that you wanted to work on the most. I bet you had some ideas about what you wanted to do.

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Now there's a space on your worksheet for you to capture three things that you would like to do in furtherance of really helping you work through this big fear that is stressing you out. So go ahead and pause the training so you can write those down.

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In taking action ladies, you really give yourself the chance to break free and when you take action. This fear bugger that is stressing you out no longer has the upper hand you do. Ladies, the combination of these three steps will empower you to start reducing the stress of your fertility journey today because you have a whole new set of awarenesses that can put you back in the driver's seat on your journey. How fantastic is that? You are the one that can be in control of your journey, not fear or stress. During this training, you've been reminded that you have a choice as to how you live this journey. You've been shown a way to get to the heart of what's really stressing you out. And you've been invited to do something about what you've learned and to take action that you see fit to empower yourself to break free from the stressors that are making you miserable. Ladies, there is no reason why you can't start living your journey differently the minute this training is over. You know the results that your way of approaching this journey has gotten you. Maybe it's time to try a different way. Maybe it's time to live your fertility journey fearless.

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Ladies, so what will you do with what you've learned? Will you just toss out your worksheet and never look at it again? Or will you give yourself a chance to do something about the way you feel? Taking control of your fertility journey in this way can make all the difference in the world. Ladies, if you know you want help with this, reach out. This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to living your fertility journey in a more empowered fearless way. I created the revolutionary fertility journey fearless method to specifically target the fear and stress that plagues women living this journey. You don't have to live your journey in a miserable state of fear and stress and you don't have to figure this out on your own. You can make massive upgrades that are good for you and good for your well-being on this journey.

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Ladies, as a woman of my word, I am keeping this training to less than 30 minutes. So I truly hope that you have gotten great value with beginning to understand the three steps that smart women take to truly get back into control of their fertility journey and dramatically reduce their stress by making the decision to no longer settle for living that way. We're getting up close and personal with what's really stressing them out and taking action to resolve it.

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Ladies if you know that you would love to learn more about the fertility journey fearless method and how it can help you live the rest of your journey with fearless confidence, reach out and schedule a complimentary breakthrough session with me at www. from maybe to baby .com I have so much love and respect for you ladies. And you can find me on Facebook, Twitter and Periscope. That's what I have for you today, and here's the living your fertility journey fearless.